Project list :3

Working on:
Gurunai [2019.04.25] with Yamazaki Kento and Kanata Hongo 30%

JUMPARTY 6 with janiizu_station 30% (I want to revive this, so I'm currently contacting the other translators to see if they still have their parts, and if not, I'll re-translate it myself)

Shabekuri007 [2019.02.18] with Ikuta Toma
Kanjani Chronicle [2018.10.06]
Ride on Time: Hey! Say! JUMP ~sense or love
Kanjani Chronicle [2019.02.09]
Aiba Manabu [2018.11.25] with Kotaki Nozomu
Kanjani Chronicle [2019.03.02]


Personal update

Since most people here don't follow my personal blog, I figured I'd update the comm as well. Although my health for the past month or so has been really bad like unable to get out of bed or even do my own groceries bad I received a nerve block in my neck last Wednesday, which has already improved my pain a lot. While I am not painfree now, it's very managable, and I have been back to work for two days now. If things keep improving, like they are now, I should be back to the community soon too.

I've also gone through the membership applications, and I was wondering if anyone knows if requests to join communities expire? I found that a lot of the older comments (almost all) could not be found in the membership request while the newer were almost all there... Maybe they get deleted after about a month? Apparently they do get deleted after 30 days.

If you recently (say, the last three months or so) have applied for membership and haven't been accepted, please click join and let me know.

In the past I have had someone help me deal with applications, but they've been gone for quite a while as well, so if anyone is willing to help out with that, it would be great. I feel like having more people dealing with it, rather than just me by myself, is better especially during times like this when I can't be online, just to keep the community running.


24H TV
[2013.08.25] Ohno's Glitter Challenge (Cut)
[2015.08.22] Tao Drum with Yaotome Hikaru and Nakajima Yuto
[2015.08.22] V6 + Hey!Say!JUMP message and medley

[2012.07.26] With Yokoyama You and Murakami Shingo

99.9 ~Keiji Senmon Bengoshi~
Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4
Episode 5
Episode 6
Episode 7
Episode 8
Episode 9
Episode 10 (final)

A Studio
[2017.02.27] with Ikuta Toma

Ai wa KAT-TUN (Short anime about KAT-TUN)
episode 1 - 5

Aiba Manabu
[2015.02.01] "Ichigo Daifuku"
[2015.02.08] "Nabe" with Kamenashi Kazuya
[2015.03.15] "Vegetable Bread"
[2019.04.07] with Kazama Shunsuke


All Star Kanshasai
[2015.04.04] with Junno & Ueda (Cut)

Arashi ni Shiyagare
[2015.02.21] with Aragaki Yui
[2016.02.13] Tsukutte Miyou cut
[2016.08.06] Daiko Chousa cut
[2016.11.05] Tsukutte Miyou cut
[2017.01.28] Tsukutte Miyou cut
[2017.01.28] Death Match cut
[2019.04.06] This is MJ with Yamazaki Kento and Yoshizawa Ryo

Atsuko ni Omakase
[2018.04.15] with Kanjani8

Bukatsu, suki janakya dame desu ka
Episode 1

Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4
Episode 5
Episode 6
Episode 7
Episode 8
Episode 9
Episode 10 (final)

Buzz Rhythm
[2018.03.03] with Johnny's WEST

[2015.02.12] with Kamenashi Kazuya

Cartoon KAT-TUN
[2010.02.03] episode 145

Dekavita C with Ikuta Toma as Mario

V6 Sexy Honey Bunny MC

[2015.03.19] with Kamenashi Kazuya

Doyoru no Agent WEST
[2016.05.29] Agent Shigeoka and Agent Nakama

Doyoru no Mosozoku
[2015.09.06] episode 5

Shinobi no Kuni
Yuuzai / My Friend A

[2015.04.05] Episode 48

Good Doctor
Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4
Episode 5
Episode 6
Episode 7
Episode 8
Episode 9
Episode 10 (final)

[2015.07.15] Yorunandesu with Yaotome Hikaru and Arioka Daiki

Honmadekka TV
[2014.07.23] with Kanjani8
[2015.11.11] with Kanjani8
[2018.10.10] with King & Prince

Itadaki Johnny
[2014.04.02] (Junta, Akito, Ryusei)
[2014.12.03] (Kamiyama, Hamada, Ryusei)
[2015.01.07] (Junta, Hamada, Kamiyama)
[2015.01.21] (Kamiyama, Hamada, Ryusei)
[2015.02.04] (Junta, Hamada, Nozomu)

[2015.02.18] with Nakamura Shizuka
[2015.02.25] with KiLa

Johnny's Jr. Dex
[2018.01.13] with SixTones and Snow Man

Kanjam Kanzen Nen Show
[2018.07.08] Subaru's last episode

Kanjani8 Chronicle
[2016.10.18] with Satou Takeru
[2017.01.03] with Ikuta Toma

KAT-TUN sekaiichi tame ni naru tabi
[2015.08.14] in Iwate part 1
[2015.08.14] in Iwate part 2

King & Prince TV
Episode 2

Maki’s Magical Restaurant
[2013.05.27] with Kamenashi Kazuya

Arashi - Doors ~Yuuki no Kiseki~ PV
Hey! Say! JUMP - Ai dake ga subete ~ What do you want? PV
Hey! Say! JUMP - lucky-Unlucky PV
Johnny's WEST - Dragon Dog PV
Kanjani8 - Koko ni PV

Marco Porori
[2012.12.30] with Kamenashi Kazuya
[2013.05.26] with Kamenashi Kazuya
[2017.10.15] with Matsumoto Jun

[2015.09.05] Shonentachi
[2017.04.08] with Ikuta Toma

[2016.01.11] with Sexy Zone (cut)

Music Station
[2016.02.26] With Arashi and TOKIO (mini station)
[2016.02.26] with Arashi and TOKIO
[2017.04.28] With Arashi + V6 (Arashi cut)
[2017.06.30] Hey!Say! JUMP and Kanjani8 cut
[2018.02.23] with Arashi cut
[2018.08.03] with Hey!Say!JUMP and Arashi
[2019.03.29] with SixTONES and Snow Man
[2019.05.10] with Hey! Say! JUMP

Night Shuffle Golden
[2016.01.15] with Kamenashi Kazuya

Ningen Kansatsu Variety Monitoring
[2015.12.24] with KAT-TUN

NTV Best Artist
[2015.11.25] KAT-TUN cut

[2018.07.22] with KAT-TUN

Ousama no Brunch
[2017.12.09] with Matsumoto Jun

[2015.02.05] with Johnny's WEST

[2015.03.20] with Toi, Rei and Oniichanzu (Onii-chan Gacha)

Arashi - Kimi no Uta
Hey! Say! JUMP - Ai dake ga subete ~ What do you want?
Hey! Say! JUMP - Ai dake ga subete ~ What do you want?  (mitazon version)
Hey! Say! JUMP - Banger Night
Hey! Say! JUMP - Banger Night (dance ver.)

Hey! Say! JUMP - Lucky-Unlucky
Johnny's WEST - Ame Nochi Hare
Johhny's WEST - Gyakuten WINNER (short ver.)
Johnny's WEST - Dragon Dog
Kanjani8 - Black of Night
Kanjani8 - Crystal
Kanjani8 - Koko ni
Kanjani8 - NOROSHI
NEWS - Yon Juushi
NMB48 - Amagami Hime

R no Housoku
[2015.11.11] with Kanjani8
[2015.11.18] with Kanjani8

Ride on Time
Hey! Say! JUMP ~ Sense or love - Episode 1
Hey! Say! JUMP ~ Sense or love - Episode 2

Sakurai Ariyoshi Abunai Yakai
[2015.04.16] Sho Batsu Game Cut

Sakurai Ariyoshi THE Yakai
[2018.08.16] with King and Prince

Sawako no Asa
[2015.02.28] with Yokoyama You

Sekaiichi Muzukashii Koi
Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4
Episode 5
Episode 6
Episode 7
Episode 8
Episode 9
Episode 10 (final)

Shabekuri 007
[2013.01.14] with Nagase Tomoya
[2013.04.15] with Okada Junichi
[2013.06.24] with Ohkura Tadayoshi
[2014.08.18] with Ohkura Tadayoshi
[2015.01.26] with Kamenashi Kazuya
[2015.02.23] with Koyama Keiichiro
[2015.06.01] with Ikuta Toma
[2017.07.03] with Nishikido Ryo
[2017.08.26] 24H TV with Sakurai Sho, Koyama Keiichiro and Kamenashi Kazuya
[2019.03.25] with King & Prince

Shibuya no Oto
[2017.12.10] with Ninomiya Kazunari

Shounen Club
[2014.04.09] Junior ni Q
[2014.05.07] Junior ni Q
[2014.06.04] Junior ni Q
[2014.07.02] Junior ni Q
[2014.09.10] Junior ni Q
[2014.10.22] Junior ni Q
[2019.03.09] full episode

Shounen Club Premium
[2016.02.17] with KAT-TUN

[2013.12.08] KAT-TUN Hakone Trip
[2018.03.11] with Kotaki Nozomu

Snack Mochi
[2018.03.03] with Kotaki Nozomu

Tetsuko’s Room
[2015.02.13] with Kamenashi Kazuya

The Time Shock
[2019.04.03] with Abe Ryohei

TOKIO Kakeru
[2014.07.09] with Yokoyama You and Nakajima Yuto
[2015.01.15] 100th Broadcast
[2015.05.20] with Yokoyama You
[2015.06.03] with Ikuta Toma and Suzuki Ryouhei
[2015.08.26] with Cristiano Ronaldo
[2017.10.04] with Matsumoto Jun
[2018.02.28] with Johnny's WEST
[2018.05.30] with Ikuta Toma

Tomodachi Game
Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4 (final)

VS Arashi
[2014.05.22] VS team Kyoto
[2014.08.28] with Miyake Ken
[2015.02.19] with Johnny's WEST
[2015.06.04] with Ikuta Toma
[2016.05.05] with Sexy Zone
[2016.07.07] Team Suki na Hito ga Iru koto
[2017.06.08] with Koyama Keiichiro and Nakamaru Yuuichi
[2017.06.29] with Chinen Yuri
[2017.07.27] with Hey! Say! JUMP
[2017.10.12] with Matsushima So and Sato Shori
[2017.11.09] with Ikuta Toma
[2018.02.01] with Nishikido Ryo
[2018.02.15] performance cut
[2018.02.15] with Takizawa Hideaki
[2018.05.17] with King and Prince
[2019.03.28] with Higashiyama Noriyuki, Nakajima Kento and Snow Man
[2019.04.11] with Matsumura Hokuto
[2019.04.18] VS Team Kingdom

Yan Yan JUMP
[2013.06.23] with Kawai Fumito & Hashimoto Ryosuke

Zoom in!
[2015.09.05] Shonentachi

hana kimi

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